toquegirl said:
Hey :) Just wanted to drop off a quick note saying that you're gifs are AWESOME. Whenever I feel down as I scroll down my dash and your url pops up, I kinda smile automatically. All the scenes you choose are the best, and it just makes me really happy that I can see your blog <3 Thanks for all the work you put into this!! *fist pumps you*

*fist pumps you back* thanks


Elie Saab - F/W 2014/15 Ready To Wear
Anonymous said:
I'm a bit surprised by your reaction.I agree that the storyline with the leads has gone off the deep end, but it's been Jin Woo who has done some deplorable things. The way he's been acting, while I understand his reasons, has been disgusting and manipulative. Say what you want about MS (you made great points), but JW can't be excused for the way he's acted. Neither man has treated SY as he should have. But maybe that's what you meant about the writers, they absolutely ruined a great character.
Anonymous said:
I really wish soo young would have atleast kept a friendship with jin woo she knows he has literally nobody I mean min suk needs to calm down and stop being so controlling
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